Covid 19 Store Policies

We take the health and safety of our customers and staff seriously and believe we have a responsibility to do what we can to protect the most vulnerable among us. We have put a number of policies in place to that end, and in an effort to be as transparent as possible, have outlined them below and invite your questions and feedback. As we all know, this situation we are in is ever evolving and we expect to update these regularly as we learn more from experience.


For staff:

  • Stay home if you are feeling sick
  • Wear a mask per OHA requirements
  • Wash hands every two hours
  • Clean high traffic surface regularly with 80% alcohol solution
  • Maintain 6 feet of social distance from customers and employees, including at checkout 
  • No touching anyone (no handshakes, hugs, or other close contact)
  • Signage communicating the above and social distancing reminders posted posted throughout the store

For customers:

  • Used items and non credit card payments will not be accepted until further notice
  • Returns are accepted, but placed in quarantine for minimum of 48 hours
  • No trying on of apparel items until further notice 
  • Dressing room and restroom closed to customers
  • Customers encouraged to use sanitizing wipes or wash hands when they come in
  • No more than 6 people in the store at any time 
  • Special hours by appointment and curbside pickup always an option