Smokey's Delightful Deliveries

Click the SHOP link in the menu above to use our brand spanking new online store! Just note that we're updating it all the time and you can still do free special orders for anything you don't see from a brand we carry (not all of them are on there yet), or go through the process below if you are more comfortable. And if you have any feedback we want to hear it!
  1. You get a hold of us by social media, call us at (541) 624 3113, or email at
  2. In said message you tell us what you are looking for, whether it’s super specific or you need some good old fashioned BMO style consultation
  3. We figure out the right thing for you and if it’s in the stock or a special order
  4. You call us with payment info OR we preload a shopping cart online and send it to you for you to pay yourself
  5. When you’re checking out you tell us how you want to get the stuff:
  6. Delivered to your house (no contact drop off only please) – Tuesdays and Thursdays in Union County only
  7. Ship it the good old fashioned way
    1. BOOM! You’ve just gotten some rad stuff and supported a small local business during Covid 19… DOUBLE WIN!

The (Not So) Fine Print

  1. Very important bummer - for the safety of our staff we will not be able to accept returns for the foreseeable future
  2. Delivery is FREE and shipping is a flat $5 fee
  3. Every order will include $5 in BMO Bucks and a bunch of free stickers BECAUSE YOU ARE THE BEST